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This is the first copy intro variation for this template. Please work with your assigned writer to maintain a maximum character count of 500 - 600 words with spaces, or less. This should be a straight-forward copy that pushes the main CTA and alludes to any additional downloads, tips or extras below. Note that your additional modules do not need to be included in that character count. The paragraph style is locked in and was set based on the standards agreed to on the Erickson Living website. We can, however, include bolded text.

Below are three modules for additional types of intro-copy layouts: There are two list modules and a 70/30 copy module with an image blurb. For this layout, list modules are recommended.

Horizontal rules are optional. They can be added between modules.

  • This is a one column list module.
  • Work with your copy writer to maintain a bulleted list no longer than 3 bullets long for this particular layout and module.
  • If you need to include bullet points above the form, this is the recommended intro layout to use.

  • This is a two-column list module. List item icons can be changed. Review this site to see your options.
  • List item icon colors can be changed. Brand colors are preferred unless absolutely necessary.
  • Work with your assigned copy writer to include anywhere from 4-6 bullets.
  • If you need to include more than 3 bullet points above the form, this is the recommended list layout to use.

This is an optional full-width, introductory copy layout that sits above the copy and image blurb. With this copy block, you and your assigned writer can increase your character count to 800 if absolutely necessary. However, we can also support just the copy and image blurb. If that is what you prefer, this paragraph will be removed.

If you choose the 70/30 copy and image blurb module, this copy block and the image to the right are required. The Web Team will determine the best way to break up the copy in this block, by paragraph, to align with the included image. Incentive copy is encouraged with this layout.

This is an optional incentive copy. ex. Scroll down for the benefits of Assisted Living at Ashby Ponds.

*This is an optional disclaimer copy block that Web Team will automatically add to a page any time disclaimer content is provided.

This is a required form headline.

In this optional form subheading, Remind the prospect they can call 1‑800‑416‑8243 for more information.

In the form body copy, provide simple instructions to complete the form below.

For CC communities, input your community's level of care offerings separated by "|". Otherwise leave blank.

This is an optional headline for secondary content.

Required Title Left

Images provided should be square in shape with a minimum width and height of 600px. Please work with your writer to keep the character count between 200-250 with spaces.

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This module accommodates two types of buttons. Both buttons can be the same (both page links or both downloads), or you can mix and match like this example.

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