3 Benefits of Fee‑for‑Service Living

Siena Lakes is a fee-for-service community. This means we don’t ask you to pay in advance for care you may never need in the future. As a result, our costs are generally lower than those of life care communities, even though we offer just as many (and often more!) benefits.

  • Only pay for the care you need, when and if you need it. This approach could save you and your family thousands of dollars for every year you remain independent!
  • If you have long-term care insurance, you’re already covered. Don’t pay double at a life care community for coverage you already have. Siena Lakes accepts most long-term care insurance policies.
  • YOU remain in control of your health care decisions. If you ever do need care, we give you options like in-home care, or more advanced support at our future continuing care neighborhood.
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