Optional Preheading

Required Headline

Optional Subheading

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Optional Content Headline

Required body copy. Please work with your assigned writer to maintain a maximum character count of 500-600 with spaces, or less. This should be a straight-forward copy that pushes the main messaging for the campaign. The only modules available at this time for this template are the list module, additional body copy module that can be placed after the list, and a disclaimer module. Additional modules will be added at a later date.

  • This is a one column list module. List item icon colors can be changed. Brand colors are preferred unless absolutely necessary.
  • Work with your copy writer to maintain a bulleted list no longer than 4 bullets long for this particular layout and module.
  • List item icons can be changed. Review this site to see your options: https://fontawesome.com/icons.

As previously mentioned, additional body copy can be added below your list. Be mindful of the amount of additional body copy you place here so as not to make your layout too uneven.

*This is an optional disclaimer copy block that Web Team will automatically add to a page any time disclaimer content is provided.

Required headline w/ color options for main content card.

Optional subheading for secondary content card.

Optional body copy for secondary content. Try to maintain a character count of 200 or less.

  • This is a more advanced list module.

    You can add precursor text in large, bolder font.
  • You can make your icons larger.

    Options include 1/3 larger, 2x larger, or 3x larger
  • Or you can maintain the same size icons,

    and same list item size. The precursor text is optional.

If you need to include content after your list, use this optional postheading.

Required form headline should go here.

Remind your prospect of the main CTA and that they should call 1‑800‑234‑5678.