Keep Me Short and Sweet, Please!

I Am a Subhead, But It’s Okay Not to Use Me

Please work with your assigned writer to maintain a maximum character count of 500 with spaces, or less.

Layout options include one-three paragraphs worth of text at this maximum character length or one-two paragraphs at this length with additional bullet points like below.

  • The main colors here have been adjusted for DVF/CWF so you can see how it would look. Normally, the aqua would be Erickson blue, and it will be those colors unless specified.
  • Bullet-point checkmarks can be made aqua to accommodate those communities.
  • Your provided header image should be 1200x620px. If you'd like to include a secondary image, it should be square at 600x600px.

Get to the point with me, too. Fifty char or less.

Provide simple instructions to complete the form below. Remind the prospect they can all place a call at 1-800-CALLSOURCE for more information.

This is where the loc would go. Will function as a colored border if not used.